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Rev. Ephraim Mwaniki

Rev. Ephraim Mwaniki

Director & Founder

Real Outreach Theological College, under the leadership of Reverend Ephraim Mwaniki, is a premier institution of higher learning focused on the study of theology. Our college offers a comprehensive range of programs that include certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and PHD theology courses.

Our college aims to provide students with an excellent academic experience that equips them with practical knowledge and skills for ministry, leadership, and service in their communities.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and commitment to spiritual growth, Real Outreach Theological College is an ideal place for students to explore their faith and pursue their theological education.


    At Real Outreach Theological College, our mission is to impact the world through the equipping of servant leaders in life and ministry. We believe that servant leadership is the foundation for effective leadership in any area of life.


    Our vision is to transform the orthodox ways of training theology by making it more accessible, affordable, and missional in nature. Theology is a way of life that involves understanding and interpreting the teachings of the Bible in light of issues and challenges.


    We are confident that our graduates will make a positive impact on the world. Real Outreach Theological College is committed to providing a transformative education that prepares our students to become the servant leaders that the world needs.

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Real Outreach Theological College is registered in Kenya and accredited with alliance of theological schools. The founder, Dr. Ephraim Mwaniki is a trained theology teacher and pastor with a passion as per the great commission [Matthew 28:18-20].
Real outreach theological college aims at offering uncompromised and non- denominational theological training. Many church leaders and pastors have found a home at Real Outreach theological College for we are time and fees friendly.

We have online classes, distant classes, evening classes, and school-based programs. Our lecturers are practicing pastors and as such offering the practical theology.
Our robust curriculum suits all students with a calling. Our students have testified of how some have gotten jobs, others have breakthrough in life and ministry.

Real Outreach Theological College is partnering with individual churches making it easier for us to prepare and teach tailor-made topics.
Real Outreach Theological College takes training outside the campus so long as there are 15 or more students provided they comply with the college`s requirements.

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