Diploma ( Associate Degree) in Theology


Real outreach theological college Diploma of Theology is a 72 credit and provides a quality education in areas of theology, hermeneutics, Bible backgrounds, spiritual formation and prayer, preaching and other pastoral courses. The Diploma in Theology introduces students to the key theological disciplines of Biblical Studies and Christian Thought and History. This may be extended by further study in those disciplines or by electives in the area of practical ministry studies. It may be possible for students to undertake study in a ministry setting as part of the course.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students should:

  • Have sound foundational skills for critical study of Christian texts
  • Have skills to articulate foundational theological and scriptural knowledge and reflection
  • Have developed clear analytical skills allowing them to analyze and communicate sound theological arguments
  • Apply their skills and knowledge to their own and other contexts and  traditions
  • Apply their skills and knowledge to the service of others through practical engagement and in contexts such as conversation.

The Bible and Theology diploma provides you with the 72 credit hours. This will include four courses in General Education (12 credits), fourteen courses in Theology (60 Credits) and two elective (6 credits). All Courses (72 Credits) must be completed to graduate.

Our certificates are from International College of Bible Theology


Credit Hours


Study Options


Online Classes


Course Duration


All Courses (72 Credits) must be completed to graduate

1 Bible doctrines 3
2 Foundations of faith 3
3 Life management God`s way 3
4 Introduction to bible theology 1 3
5 New testament Survey 3
6 Old testament 1 3
7 Prayer 1 3
8 Old testament men and women of faith 3
9 Old testament survey 2 3
10 Introduction to bible theology 2 3
11 Between the testaments 3
12 Praise life 3
13 obedience 3
14 Preparation for ministry 1 3
15 Faith 2 3
16 Awareness of church government 3
17 Gods authority in a believer 3
18 New testament studies 3
19 Old testament studies 1 3
20 Systematic theology 1 3
21 General epistles 3
22 Old testament study 2 3
23 Preparation for ministry 2 3
24 systematic theology 2 3


The Certificate of Theology degree aims to lay a biblical and theological background for persons of ministry. Students grow intellectually and spiritually through the outcomes of content, competence, character and context.

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