Doctor of Ministry (D. Min)


The Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) is an advanced, professional degree program designed for those engaged in the full-time practice of ministry. It is the highest professional degree offered by Westminster. It differs from a Ph.D. degree in that its focus is on competence in the practice of ministry rather than on advanced academic research.

Main Goal

The purpose of this course is to explore the reflective practice of ministry in an atmosphere of personal and professional sharing, eventually producing a set of analytical and theological papers as background for the Ministry Project. Within that general framework, this particular course seeks to ground the practice of ministry in an understanding of organizational theory and leadership strategies, as well as the theological implications of each. This is a research degree which is in two parts and involves pastoral ministry, counselling, preaching, any part of theological study and church ministry, leadership and evangelism or any uniquely developed area by the assistance or the directorship of Real Outreach Theological College faculty.


At the end of this course students should be able:

  • To build upon the previous semester’s work in arguing appropriate claims based on sound evidence, turning now to larger interpretive approaches;
  • To explore a general typology that is influential in organizational studies in order more accurately to understand one’s own congregation and community;
  • To engage in a sustained reflection on our repertoire of leadership practices and their place within one’s own congregation and community;
  • To learn effective strategies for teaching what we have learned, developing planned and evaluated educational events for the classroom;
  • To deepen skills for critical thinking and theological reflection that are essential in the D. Min. Program, including the diverse collegial relationships that enhance that program.






Online Classes


Course Duration


This is a research degree that is in two parts.


Write Four monographs (PAPERS) of at least 10,000 words of
text each selected from following subject areas;

1 Philosophy of Religion (mandatory) 6
2 Mission, Culture and Contextualization 6
3 Pastoral Care and Leadership in a Church setting 6
4 Biblical Doctrines 6
5 Theology of Christian Formation 6
6 The History and Practice of Christian Worship 6
7 Counselling and Communication 6
8 Ecclesiastical History 6
9 Old Testament Language and Literature 6
10 A Devotional Study from any Book of the Bible (You choose which Book) 6
11 Practical Theology and its Concept. (Choose any area of Practical Theology.) 6
12 New Testament Theology 6
13 Research Methodology( Mandatory) 3

Once one is ready to start taking this doctoral program, the director and lecturers will assist the student to choose the most suitable subject areas depending on the areas of interest for dissertation / thesis. The subject area should show relevance.


A dissertation written under the directorship of the convener of studies. This Dissertation Paper should be of at least 20,000 words.


The Certificate of Theology degree aims to lay a biblical and theological background for persons of ministry. Students grow intellectually and spiritually through the outcomes of content, competence, character and context.

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