Certificate in Bible & Theology


Real outreach theological college Bible and theology Certificate is designed to contribute to the ministry of the laity by providing an opportunity for students to integrate theological study and reflection with Christian life and experience.

Under the guidance of Real outreach theological college, students connect their Christian faith and their daily life and work with a view to bringing new skills, fresh vision and invigorating ideas to their participation in various contexts
and local communities of faith.
The Bible and Theology Certificate provides you with the 36 credit hours.

.All Courses (36 Credits) must be completed to graduate. The courses include key topics below;


Credit Hours


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Course Duration


Required in all Certificate in Bible & Theology concentrations

Courses (36 Credits) Course Credits
1 Bible doctrines 3
2 Foundations of faith 3
3 Life management God`s way 3
4 Introduction to bible theology 1 3
5 New testament Survey 3
6 Old testament survey 1 3
7 Prayer 1 3
8 Old testament men and women of faith 3
9 Old testament survey 2 3
10 Introduction to bible theology 2 3
11 Between the testaments 3
12 Praise life 3


  • Bible doctrines: 3 credit hours

    This courses focuses on training the students to understand the sound Christian teachings and beliefs.

  • Foundations of faith: 3credit hours

    This is an introductory course on the pillars and sources of faith for victorious Christian living.

  • Life management God`s way: 3 credit hours

    The course aims at helping the student on how to manage their life according to God.

  • Introduction to bible theology: 3 credit hours

    The course helps the student on in-depth understanding of what the bibles says about God of the bible.

  • New testament survey: 3 credit hours

    This study helps the student understand and analyze the themes of every new testament books.

  • Old testament survey: 3 credit hours

    The course is aimed at introducing the student on overview of the old testament books, identifying themes and Christophanies.

  • Prayer 1: 3 credit hours

    Students will learn what prayer is, effective prayer, how to pray  and prayer barriers.

  • Old testament men and women of faith: 3 credit hours

    The course describes the biblical character of men and women of faith in the bible.

  • Old testament survey 2: 3 credit hours

    The course is aimed at helping the student understand the in-depth of the old testaments with highlights on key bible characters

  • Introduction to theology 2: 3 credit hours

    The course is aimed at helping the student understand how to relate with God properly, understanding who he is and how to relate with him

  • Between the testaments: 3 credit hours

    In this course, students understand what mysteries were in the silent years between the old and new testaments

  • Praise life: 3 credit hours

    The purpose of the course is to expose praise life to students, it explains origin and expectation of believers in praises.


The course duration is one and half years (18 months) certificate course under Bible Training Centre for Pastors and Church Leaders [BTCP]

This course option contains 10 course manuals/ books
The course has no exams (but assignments)

Courses Course Hours
1 Bible study methods and rules of interpretation 40 Hours
2 Old testament survey 60 Hours
3 New testament survey 60 Hours
4 Preaching biblical messages and pastoral ministry 40 Hours
5 Bible doctrine survey 60 Hours
6 Old testament survey 1 40 Hours
7 Church ministry/administration/education 40 Hours
8 Teaching principles/methods 40 Hours
9 Church history 60 Hours
10 Missions/evangelism/discipleship 40 Hours
TOTAL 520 Hours

NOTE: Study time is 6 hours per week.  Takes – 18 months (one and half years)


The Certificate of Theology degree aims to lay a biblical and theological background for persons of ministry. Students grow intellectually and spiritually through the outcomes of content, competence, character and context.

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