This program is for those who wish to opt for a very thorough study and specialization in Christian Education. This program is one of the heaviest in workloa  among all our doctoral programs. The program is suitable for those who plan to make Biblical Education and Training a major part of their ministry. The Doctor of Religious Education Degree Program offered by Real Outreach Theological College is unique among graduate degree programs available today. The program design is exclusively a research program in variously designated fields. Research includes the areas of history of Christian education, theology of Christian education, philosophy of Christian education, and related fields. While practical throughout, the program’s primary purpose is extensive research in the candidate’s selected field with the view to a product monograph that will contribute substance to that area of investigation.

Main Goal

Doctor of Religious Education degree programs are designed for individuals who seek to develop their ministerial abilities and teaching skills in a specific religious faith. This is a research degree that must display as well, just as the rest, evidence of academic thinking and reasoning in proper logical flow in Religious Education.


At the end of this course students should be able:

  • Understand biblical perspectives, foundational theories, research findings, cultural/sociological dynamics, and alternative models for educating diverse learners in contemporary Christian schools or college
  •  Understand biblical perspectives, theoretical approaches, research findings, and alternative models of effective leadership and functioning of organizations, and groups and individuals within organizations
  • Understand the components and process of quantitative and qualitative research with a view to solve educational questions/problems






Online Classes


Course Duration


This is a research degree that is in two parts.


Write Four monographs (PAPERS) of at least 10,000 words of
text each selected from following subject areas;

1 Philosophy of Religion (mandatory) 6
2 Philosophy of Christian (Educational Concept of Religion) 6
3 Psychology of Christian Education 6
4 Beliefs and Practice in Christian Education today 6
5 Aims / and objectives of Christian Education 6
6 Religious education in the ancient days (Hebrew days) 6
7 Perspective of the History of education and how Faith can be integrated within
the secular Ethos of an educational setting
8 Beliefs and Practice in Christian Education today 6
9 Music in Religious Education 6
10 Childhood Religion, or Teenage Religion with special attention to the concerns
of the Modern World
11 Religion in Education 6
12 Christianity in Twenty first Century Education 6
13 Survey of Christian Education 6
14 Research Methodology 3

Once one is ready to start taking this doctoral program, the director and lecturers will assist the student to choose the most suitable subject areas depending on the areas of interest for dissertation / thesis. The subject area should show relevance.


A dissertation written under the directorship of the convener of studies. This Dissertation Paper should be of at least 20,000 words.


The Certificate of Theology degree aims to lay a biblical and theological background for persons of ministry. Students grow intellectually and spiritually through the outcomes of content, competence, character and context.

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