Master of Theology


The Master of Theology is an advanced academic degree that provides you with an opportunity for in-depth study at an advanced level

Main Goal

Students completing the Master of Theology degree will be prepared for further studies at the doctoral level and/or for the scholarly enhancement of their ministerial and missional practice.


At the end of this course Students will:

• Acquire advanced, in-depth knowledge and competence in one of the following disciplines: Old Testament, New Testament, Theology (including Spiritual Theology) or Church History.
• Develop advanced skills in theological research and writing, including engagement with primary resources, scholarly exchange in a peer community, and communication of research results for the church and the academy
• Cultivate personal and spiritual qualities necessary for scholarly and vocational ministry.


Credit Hours




Online Classes


Course Duration


A thesis must be completed to graduate

1 Old Testament Theology 3
2 New Testament Theology 3
3 Biblical Interpretation 3
4 Current Biblical & Theological Issues 3
5 Evangelism & Outreach Ministries Of The Local Church 3
6 Theology Of Missions 3
7 Leadership Development In The Local Church 3
8 Pastoral Ethics 3
9 Romans 3
10 Marriage And Family 3
11 Isaiah 3
12 Research Methodology 3
13 Foundations Of Biblical Preaching 3
14 Old Testament Prophets 3
15 African Traditional Religions 3
16 African Christian Theology 3
17 Thesis 10, 000 Words 3


The Certificate of Theology degree aims to lay a biblical and theological background for persons of ministry. Students grow intellectually and spiritually through the outcomes of content, competence, character and context.

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